Build. Engage. Retain.

That’s what we do.

We are Community-centric

We are Community-centric

THE ROUND TABLE (TRT) – Digital Community Solutions is a community services provider that supports and assists various blockchains, non-blockchains, Web3 and NFT gaming projects by helping them build, engage, and retain the members of their community and consumers of their products or services. TRT works with project owners and developers to achieve a healthy, active, and long-lasting community through meaningful interactions, thereby, converting them to well-informed and community members.

TRT also helps create concepts and ideas for various campaigns that can help get the word out there about their projects and help project owners and developers in building their community, getting the members engaged, and retaining them inside to make them interact more with the rest of the members.

The team has over 80 years of collective experience in advertising and digital marketing, customer engagement, data analytics, branding and design, and financial services



THE ROUND TABLE (TRT) offers a variety of services mostly focused on building, engaging, and retaining the community members of blockchain/Web3/NFT/gaming projects. We deploy dedicated and passionate manpower that can do a full 24/7 service or a partial coverage depending on the project’s requirements.

24/7 Community Management​

Just like any community, there is a need of a captain to orchestrate how they are run, and this is what our Community Managers can do for you.

Discord Set-up & Maintenance

If your project is just about launch its Discord community, then we can help set it up for you depending on the requirements. 

Social Media Management

We will take charge of your social media accounts hand-in-hand with the project owners or developers in helping get the word out there. 

Community Growth Hacking

We will craft a campaign that is focused on increasing the members of the community through various activities done on different communities and platforms.

Influencer / KOL Marketing

We will provide the appropriate influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) that will work best in promoting your project through their own social media platforms and networks.

On-Ground Event Management

We will work closely with the project team on their desired objectives for the event and propose ideas and concepts to help make these objectives come to life through event set-up and manpower services.



A 360-degree marketing agency that focuses on creating holistic campaigns for various clients to help them reach wider target markets with the use of multiple platforms and channels. Aside from this, they also handle talent management which aims to be the ultimate solution for conversion-driven influencer marketing which aims to help clients achieve strategic and flexible target market matching.
A platform that aims to unite visionaries, thought leaders, developers, investors, and enthusiasts from the blockchain and other emerging technologies community.


"We are currently satisfied with your overall services, especially regarding close interactions with community members that allow for a healthy atmosphere."
Business Project Manager
KOF Arena
"The community moderators are quick in answering user inquiries and meticulous in their responses."
Operations Team
KOF Arena
"TRT offers exceptional community management skills with their prompt response times, friendly engagements, and professional attitude toward work."
Internet Game Solutions
"We appreciate the TRT moderators' assistance in managing our game. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in enhancing service quality. It's a pleasure to work with moderators who consistently demonstrate commitment by providing timely assistance."
Operations Team
Tower of God: New World
"I highly recommend this company. Moderators are very open and communicate closely with users, and their management is very meticulous and quick."
Netmarble Biz Department
Tower of God: New World