THE ROUND TABLE (TRT) offers a variety of services mostly focused on building, engaging, and retaining the community members of blockchain/Web3/NFT projects. We deploy dedicated and passionate manpower that can do a full 24/7 service or a partial coverage depending on the project’s requirements.

Services - Community Management

Community Management​

Just like any community, there is a need for a captain to orchestrate how they are run, and this is what our Community Managers can do for you. We will sit down with project owners and developers and recommend plans on how to build, engage, and retain the members of the community.

Community Moderation

Community Moderation

All crypto communities have investors who seek more information or even instructions on how the project’s utilities or features can be accessed, and this is where our Community Moderators step it. Their main role is to provide user support which can help increase the overall morale of the community members when they are faced with challenges.

Services - Engagement Support

Engagement Support

This service is a hybrid service that works well with start-up projects that are just about to build their communities. With a slightly active community at the beginning, our Engagement Supports can work as both a Community Moderator to answer inquiries and as an engager that initiates organic discussions inside the community.

Services - Community Building

Community Building

For a more organic growth in your community, we will deploy the needed manpower to help bolster your project’s visibility. This is done by making your presence seen and felt across major industry channels and platforms.

Services - Discord Setup and Management

Discord Set-up & Maintenance

If your project is just about launch its Discord community, then we can help set it up for you depending on the requirements. We do this by assigning the pertinent channels and deploying the necessary bots for the server to function and be secured and protected.

Services - Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We will take charge of your social media accounts hand-in-hand with the project owners or developers in helping get the word out there. This includes news, milestones, updates, and other upcoming marketing efforts to the respective social media followers of the project.